Welcome to HOKUTO

Hokuto is an online store that offers sustainable goods for babies, children and grown-ups along with stylish fashion items for little people.

I'm Akina, the founder of Hokuto. We are a small family of three - me, my partner and our son - based in Auckland. My partner and I are both from Japan and met each other in this beautiful country, New Zealand.
(That's what happens when you're young and travel around, right?😂)

Our son was born in 2013. He struggled with his skin condition and allergies and needed to be treated at a hospital frequently. That situation got me more into organic, natural, non-toxic and gentle-on-skin products.

I had no choice of going back to the full-time IT job I had before his birth and started a part-time job at a restaurant. As you can imagine, it still didn't work for me/us physically and financially. Later on, I found a home-based job for a global online store, learnt bits of online retailing and eventually opened Hokuto independently in 2018.

The name 'Hokuto' came from a northern star. My hometown is in the north part of Japan. My last name means a star and my given name has a meaning of brightness. 'A bright star' - yes, I love it. Thanks to dad for choosing such a beautiful name.

Our selections are still small and limited. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you'd like to see in our store.

We hope you enjoy our website to find something you love and it makes your shopping a refreshing breeze.

Thanks so much for visiting us.

Enjoy 🌼


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